Saturday, October 25, 2014

Hypocrite Inception

People these days...?

Is it weird that as people, we can see all the flaws yet choose not to do anything about it?

Is it possible to hate to conform willingly?

Optimistically: people are able to fulfill their passions (I suppose)...

Pessimistically: everyone is a hypocrite. 

Hypocrite, according to Merriam Webster, is a " person who claims or pretends to have certain beliefs about what is right but who behaves in a way that disagrees with those beliefs." 

Honestly, isn't that society today? Everyone tries to fit a mold and lies to themselves. I believe there are good people in the world still; people that still to their morals to an extent, but at the same time, they are becoming the new mold... so what happens next? Is anyone unique.

For example, the "hipster." Isn't the hipster someone who was thought to be unique-- distinct from social norms? Yet now, they are the norm. 

What does it mean for the those individuals who don't want to be like everyone else? 

Are they forever ostracized? Are they forever disparaged for their differences? 

There can never be a perfect world, but everyone is always asking for it. There needs to be ACCEPTANCE. I don't mean as simply as diversity in gender preferences or religion, I believe there needs to be acceptance of everyone who is different. 

People always believe that they are the most accepting based on POPULAR morals, not "RIGHT" morals. However, can there really be a "right" moral. 

Who is the person that dictates what is right or wrong? No one but yourself. By belittling others' beliefs, what does that make of you? Technically, if you were viewed in the other person's shoes, wouldn't YOU be the criminal? 

The world is never perfect and never perfect, so why try to instill your beliefs on others. In my opinion, I do in fact believe in POPULAR morals because that was the environment I grew up in; however, I do realize other people grow up in extremely polar situations. 

Today, I see beheadings in ISIS and human trafficking in 3rd world countries and COMPLETELY disagree with it. But is it technically wrong? As many people, we see death as a horrible aspect of life and violation of OUR instilled rights as a crime, but this isn't true for everyone. 

Although everyone proposes that perfection is impossible, we still try to fix the world's perceived imperfections. We work too much to change others to realize that we need to first change ourselves. The emotions and bias that each person individually holds to his/her heart defines that person. One's experiences define one's beliefs. Before judging others, we need to understand ourselves and realize the big picture. 

In some ways, wouldn't the world be perfect if it WASN't perfect?