Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Happy Medium

I often think whether the world would be better if everyone just compromised.

Are policies more effective if they are more polar?

I realize that no one in this world can ever be pleased. No one will ever be appeased by others opinions. Yet, many cannot stand up for themselves. The digression of adolescents from world news is not beneficial to the world as a whole... I suppose. 

The bias, libel, and slander that occurs only buries the truth underneath. Moreover, I believe that people believe the person with the loudest voice is always right.

Inadvertently, people are forming interpersonal gangs that are portent of the future war. 

Maybe not a war of blood. Maybe not a war of strife. Maybe even not a war of weapons. 

It is going to be a war of opinions. 

Inside my head, I realize that my philosophies are only so blatant because its my own philosophy. 

It's Thanksgiving 2014 and there is still immense controversy over equal rights and discrimination. 

Will it ever end? People do not realize that by emphasizing such rights they are NOW only exacerbating the issue at hand. 

People only see one side -- theirs. From a neutral standpoint, I can testify that I am not sufficiently well-formed to create my own opinion and impose my opinion on others. 

Nevertheless, it angers me that others are promoting other ignorant and biased opinions. 

For once, people just need to see beyond stereotypes. The quintessence of the controversy at hand is the trite stereotypes inculcated into modern humans. Everything is far too overblown.

If anything, people should be thankful of their own lives. Is it not a beautiful world we live in? Despite the corruption and pollution, this world has progressed so far that people should just accept the realities of life. I do not mean neglect all principles that humans stand for: morals, rights, and freedom. I mean that people should understand how others think and want to believe. 

This materialistic world that we live in can only extend so far. In order for their to be change, people's mindsets also need to change. 

Happy Thanksgiving 


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